Evidenced earns bronze for elevating Candidate Experience! 🥉


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3 May 2024

Celebrating excellence in Candidate Experience

Evidenced is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Bronze medal in the Candidate Experience Enabler category at the IHR Supplier Awards 2024. This recognition highlights our unwavering dedication to creating a positive and engaging experience for candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Putting candidates first!

At Evidenced, we believe that a great candidate experience is not only crucial for attracting top talent but also for building a strong employer brand. Our product is designed to help candidates feel at ease during the process with companies being able to create a branded waiting room for interviews. Candidates also get the opportunity to give feedback immediately after the interview has ended, capturing their true feeling in the moment.

Interviewers are given a range of tools to help them understand how their interviewing impacts the candidate's experience. Insights show the ratings candidates are providing for their interviews as well as metrics around interviewer punctuality and time to submit hiring decisions.

The usability, functionality and accuracy of the product has enabled us to increase our quality of hire and interviewer experience, whilst removing bias during the process. In addition to this, we have been able to up skill and develop out interviewer capabilities significantly.The product has been a huge enabler in us achieving our hiring goals, with great people.

Oliver Lochhead - Head of Talent

Coming away with this award alongside a silver for Video Interviewing Software and a gold for Customer Service has made this a hugely successful first IHR Supplier Awards. It has been a great boost for the Evidenced team and makes all of the hard work and effort that we put in for our customers worthwhile, here's to next year!