Announcing Real-time Question Detection and Bookmarking


Lewis Moore


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26 Jan 2024

Question detection interface

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our interviewing copilot:

Real-time Question Detection and Bookmarking.

Powered by Evidenced AI, questions from the template that you ask during an interview will now be automatically added to the Timeline and Event feed, in real time.

This feature is a real game-changer that unlocks exciting improvements for every member of the hiring team. 💫

For interviewers - during the interview:

  • There’s no need to bookmark questions manually anymore. Save time and stay focused on the candidate.

  • See which questions you’re yet to ask at a glance. Combine this with timekeeping to figure out how much time to allocate to remaining questions, and whether you need to skip any to make room for more important ones.‍

For interviewers, hiring managers, talent teams and shadowers - after the interview:

  • Quickly jump to and review key questions in the recording for confident decision making.

  • With our one-click share button above each question, get a second opinion on any you’re not sure about. With the Commenter role, people you send these to can add their own Bookmarks to the Timeline to help.

  • Combine Question Bookmarks with our range of others to see from the Timeline which questions the candidate did best on, and which they might have struggled with.

For hiring managers and talent teams - in debriefs:

  • Did two interviewers disagree on the evaluation of a particular question? You can dive right in to watch that specific part of the recording and see what was said and make your own mind up.

  • Scroll through Templates to see which questions are being asked and which are getting regularly skipped. Optimise Templates by dropping those and trying new questions that assess the same attributes.

For interviewer coaching and training:

  • Use the share button to get a second opinion and ad-hoc coaching on particular questions you weren’t sure about.

  • Easily review how the interviewer asked each question, whether they should’ve dived deeper into the answer and more.

Seeing is believing 👀 check out a demo with our COO, Lewis:

This is now enabled for everyone - run an interview to see the magic for yourself! ✨

We’ll be following this up with a range of insights for you to view in the platform, identify things like:

  • Are interviewers inconsistent with how they ask questions, could that be introducing unconscious bias?

  • Are interviewers skipping certain questions regularly, can they be changed or dropped?

  • Are interviewers allowing enough time for the most important questions?

This is just the next step in real time interview guidance - there’s much more to come and we can’t wait to show you. Are you finding Real-time Question Detection and Bookmarking useful already? What else would you like to see? Your feedback plays such a huge role - so please get in touch.

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