So... still using Zoom to run your interviews?

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  • Scrambling to get set up for each interview?
  • Giving your candidates a poor experience?
  • Worried about keeping recordings safe for GDPR?

It's time for a change.

Zoom, ATS, CV, Notepad

Evidenced is the new way to run great interviews

The all-in-one interviewing experience with video calling, questions, live timing and quick access bookmarks, all ready in just one click.

Run great interviews
Evidenced all-in-one tool

How Evidenced compares to basic video call tools

Video call tools can only get you so far. They're a hassle to set up, not optimised for interviewing and leave you and your candidates data exposed.

Video call tools

e.g Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams


Tools needed to conduct an interview

Multiple tools open
ATS, Video call, Playbook, CV


Video recording for playback

*extra costs usually involved

Candidate messaging

Screen sharing

Candidate CV available on the call

Ready made interview templates & question library

Real-time searchable transcription

Speech metrics

Live interview time-keeping

Bookmarks to recap key moments

ATS decision syncing

Bias-free decision making

Automated candidate feedback surveys

Interview pass rate and question analytics

Interviewer performance and decision alignment

GDPR compliance

Have to manage recordings
No audit trail

Fully protected and managed

Join the teams running great interviews

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