Know what happened in every interview without being there.

Play back and analyse your interviews with your team so you can make better hiring decisions quickly.

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How Evidenced gives you more visibility

Keep your team aligned through the interview process by knowing what's happening.

Review any interview at a time that suits you

Video recordings and searchable transcript allows you to see what happened without being there.

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Make faster, more confident hiring decisions

See the evidence your interviewers found so you can make the right hiring decision every time.

Consistent assessment criteria for better comparison and fairer hiring decisions

Stay on the same page by letting your interviewers see exactly what they're looking in every answer from a candidate.

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Recordings allow us to easily let other stakeholders review the interview in a time-saving manner”

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Reduce your time-to-hire and false-negative decisions

Review answers when an interviewer was unsure to avoid rejecting a potentially great candidate.

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Onboard your interviewers faster and at lower cost

Replace real-time shadowing with video shadowing to bring onboarding time down from weeks to hours.

“Recorded interviews can be shared with teammates who couldn't make it, or for a second opinion. They also save me taking notes through the interview & let me focus on the candidates answers.”

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Get more visibility