Anyone can run a great interview with Evidenced.

Real-time guidance, recording and transcription makes running interviews easy for anyone in the team.

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How anyone can run a great interview

Evidenced has everything you need to run incredible interviews by default.

Quickly jump into an interview with everything you need

Our app gives you video calling, CVs, question prompts and transcripts all in one place.

All in one tool
Interview overrunning warning

Guidance and timekeeping through every interview

Timing and sections show your progress during an interview and warn you if you overrun.

Give a better candidate experience

Video recording and transcription means you can take fewer notes and focus more on the candidate

Video recording and live transcript interface

“It's so much easier to give a consistent, concise & fair interview from start to finish without taking a chunk of time out of your day every time you run an interview”

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Head of Product

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Make more informed decisions with reduced bias

Review interviews in your own time so you can rewatch answers and catch things you might normally miss

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Example question analytics

Detailed analytics allow you to improve your technique

See how you rate questions compared to others in your team to understand how aligned you are.

“Gives all candidates an equal opportunity and a great interviewing experience”

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Head of Engineering

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Run great interviews