Hire faster without compromising on quality.

Evidenced shows you which interviews aren’t working, who needs more training and speeds up your interview process.

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How Evidenced helps you hire faster

Keep your interviewers aligned and save them time to speed up your hiring process.

Actively reduce bias with increased transparency

Decision tracking and question analysis gives visibility into interviewer performance.

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Replay interface

Continuous low-cost training and development for interviewers

Play back interviews to train new team members and develop their interviewing skills on demand.

Monitor the effectiveness of quality, diversity and inclusion initiatives in real-time

Pass rate, hiring volumes and question analytics show you which templates are working and which aren’t.

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“We wanted to make sure we bring new interviewers onboard quickly whilst still maintaining high standards and giving a solid candidate experience as we scaled. Evidenced has given us the tools we needed to do this, and we couldn’t go back to interviewing without it.”

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G2 5 star

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Evidenced scaled WeGift's interview capabilities so they could spend less time hiring and more time growing their company.



3x Increase



Hours saved

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All of your interview content in one place

Easily reuse the most effective interview questions across your company.

Avoid bad hires

Hiring with evidence gives you an audit trail to show that every hire you're making is qualified.

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“Helped us create a fairer and more consistent interview process, streamline things and better enabled sharing of insights and feedback”

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G2 5 star
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