How Evidenced works

Evidenced is everything you need, in one place, to run perfect interviews.

Works with your ATS

Evidenced works alongside your existing applicant tracking system delivering repeatable measurable interviewing as part of the hiring process

Interview Intelligence Platform
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Structured interviews by default

Evidenced makes it easy to create great structured interviews to keep your interviews consistent and fair for candidates.

Add your own questions and upload them to a question library for reuse, or just pick from our existing range of high-quality questions.

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Real-time interview guidance

Live transcription and video recording means you can focus on the candidate experience and less on note-taking.

Quick access bookmarking means you can save key moments during the interview and watch them back.

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Exceptional candidate experience

We capture anonymous post-interview feedback to give a clear picture of how your interviewers are performing.

Track experience over time and see how changes to your process affect the rating.

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Post-interview analysis

Re-watch the interview and make informed bias-free decisions.

Share the interview and any bookmarked moments with others who couldn’t make the interview.

Rewind and rewatch video
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Deep analytics

Gain a thorough understanding of which parts of the process are working, and which need improvement. 

See which interviewers are overstretched or underutilised, and dive into their data to see how they're performing and where extra training might be needed.

Interviewer analytics

All features

Structured Interview Builder

Design interactive, structured interviews. Share questions across your organisation.

Question Library

Use our high-quality questions or build up your own library for reuse.

Speech Transcription

Take fewer notes with accurate transcription of all participants.


Bookmark and share critical moments during an interview.

Live Text Chat

Share links to documents or third party assessment tooling.

HD Video Recording

Capture interviews for review, hiring decisions and interviewer coaching.


Easily present your screen to candidates or vice versa.

Candidate Snapshots

Easily see how candidates performed at a glance.

Interview Analytics

Measure your interviews, questions and interviewers to monitor and tune your process.

Candidate Feedback

Capture anonymous post-interview feedback to understand how your interviewers are performing.

ATS Integrations

Easily plug Evidenced into your existing applicant workflows.

Web-based app

For maximum compatibility with candidates devices.

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